Posted on: March 14, 2009 2:32 am

Jerry Jones wears all the hats..

 For the longest time I've been unhappy with the fact that Jerry Jones needs to  wear all the hats. The whole upper management is stocked with his children.    At least the GM spot should be handed over to the likes of an authentic footballer not in the hands of a business man.   He makes decisions like a business man which affect the coaches authority, which is killing the team.

He seems to be insecure about letting someone else run the players and make at least some of the decisions where the players are concerned.  He acts like if he doesn't have complete control of the team, someone will steal it from him. 

He has developed a pattern of firing people not because they are the wrong people for the team, but because he (or as was stated in an article sportsline), or someone else had some personal issue that they were just too small to get over for the sake of the team.  People are fired for under-lying reasons that have literally nothing to do with how well the team was doing.

Fires Jimmy Johnson, because Jimmy won't yield control of the players or the field to him.  Allows Parcells to fire players so he can load the team with his old croanies.  And finally among other things cuts TO for personal reasons which I have confirmed with another NFL player were directly related to Romo and Witten more than TO's age and production.

All these moves Jones did willingly, and without regard to the real fact that these moves cost the team more time to winning playoff games, than for the betterment of the team.

Jones hasn't learned yet that he doesn't know a damn thing when it comes to running a team.  What has to happen for him to get the message that he can't wear all the hats.


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